Dusk/Dawn Lighting
Did you know that the best outdoor lighting is found around dawn and dusk.  Some of the best captures of scenery is done in this lighting by top photographers.   The lighting is not as harsh as say in the middle of the day.  It also helps create a warm glow or magical feel to a photo.  There are so many advantages to taking your pictures in this lighting.  One is the shadows are more diffused and not so harsh.  Your subject can face the light source more without as much squinting problems.  The photo’s will have a warmer feel and color.  They are very pleasing and inviting.  It seems to make colors jump out and images sharper.  Can you tell…this is my most favorite lighting to work with!  As you can see I provided a number of pictures taken in this lighting using different subjects.

Now why don’t you give it a try and post your samples in the forum/gallery under “Photography Skills“.

It would be fun to hear how it went for you….like what problems you had and what you did to overcome them.   Or post any questions you might have about this tip or any other photography problems you are having.

Here are a few pictures where I used the lighting spoken of.













Monday Madness….

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Friday Freebie…

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Today’s freebie is provided by Marcie.  It is a quick page made from her kit called, “Color My World”.

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Cloud Cover/Shade
Many times when I’m shooting an event outdoors I am delighted when there is cloud cover.  Why?  Well the cloud cover diffuses the harsh sunlight.  This will help to make shadows less noticeable like on faces of people, etc.  This will help create better pictures.

So be sure to practice this week.  Try taking a picture at mid-day with no clouds of someone and then again of a person at mid-day with a cloud cover.  Then compare the two photos.  See if you can see the difference.  Do you suppose that mother nature will cooperate with us?  You may have to wait a couple of days for it to cooperate to get bright sunlight vs clouds.  Then be sure to post your pictures stating which ones are which and write up a little something of what you learned to share with the rest of us.

Go here to post your pictures and information about it.  It’s free but you will need to sign up to be able to post (this keeps those spammers out).

Below are some samples pictures I used a couple years ago when I wrote on this subject before.



Notice how I had her place her head.  I placed it so that the face has no direct sun shining on it and yet letting the light highlight her hair.


This picture was captured in the shade which is similar to cloud cover.


Here you have an example of harsh lighting across her face.  This harsh lighting simply doesn’t do the photograph justice.

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Outdoor Lighting Tips
The use of Light is such an integral part of photography.  It makes a huge difference in the final outcome of a picture.  By knowing some tips on lighting you can get much better results.  As you come to understand it or work with it then you can get to where you can have it work for you to get the results you are after.  So for the next couple of weeks I will cover different outdoor Lighting.

Remember in all these tips I give ….practice…as you do you can understand more and learn more from experimenting.  The advantage of the digital camera is you can take plenty of them and check the results almost instantly to see what worked or not.  Now mind you I don’t totally rely on the cameras view screen but use it as a guide.  I wait till I download the images to my computer before making a decision to delete a photo file or not.  Sure glad I did on a good number of them too.

If you want to learn why not join me in the forum/gallery area and post the pictures you capture.  See what others have to say, get help, etc.  We’d love to have you join us whether you scrap or not.  It’s an open to everyone and free.  We’ll post the top favorites here in the blog.

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Monday Madness…

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Today’s freebie is created by Marcie. This is her 2nd QP (quick page) created using her kit called, “Color my World”.

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Word Art Challenge

by admin on October 1, 2009

Meegan of Ivy Scraps has been providing a free Word Art once a month for a Challenge.  It is a simple challenge.  Why don’t you check it out here in the forum.  You can post your layout here in the gallery to help others get ideas, etc.  Go here to the Gallery.  This is where you can see the past word art challenges.

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mi_applealamode_elwordart _500


Have you ever noticed that the backdrops in photo’s can make or break a photo?  Distracting backgrounds can take the focus away from the main object in the photo.  So this week when taking pictures be more aware of the backdrop for your subject.  Sometimes I find that by moving my position a couple feet in either direction is all that is needed.  It’s much easier doing it as you snap the picture then editing it later.   So this week be aware of those backgrounds…position your self or your subjects to get rid of distracting backgrounds.  This will bring a more WOW effect into your photo and LO’s.

Want to learn more about this subject?  Want to share your own experiences or pictures?  Then go to the SumScrapper Forum under “Learning Center> Photography Skills>Watch out for Backgrounds” to learn more about this subject.