Use Of Shade
The shade of buildings or trees can be very useful in getting good picture in the middle of a bright sunny day. You just have to be careful in the use of the shade, though.

Have you ever been in a shade of a tree where there is some light shining through? Well it is this type of shade you have to be careful of. Why? Because, when you have a subject standing in it, you have to make sure that those shining light sources aren’t shining on parts of the subject’s face or body. The reason for this is because the eye will be drawn to those sources first when viewing the picture.

It is also hard to correct those spots in Photoshop. So try to avoid the sunny splotches and be aware of it when snapping those pictures. Try moving the subject around to where the light sources isn’t splotching up part of the subjects face. If you are doing a full body picture then try to place them to eliminate as many of those sun spots as you can. The face would be the most important place to pay extra attention to. The shade of a building is a more solid source of shade, and you won’t need to worry about sun spots shining through.

When taking a picture of more than one person in the shade, then it becomes even more critical in watching how those lighted patches of light shine through onto the group. It might make it very challenging to move a large group around trying to find a place where the light isn’t so splotchy on people’s faces.

When I’m hired to do a job I try to set things up for the most ideal situation but for random snapshots this may not be possible. In that case I snap the picture rather than doing without the picture.

Want a challenge? Then use the sun spot in the shade to highlight the subject’s hair. See what you get. So, when you are aware of lighting sources, you can make good use of them, instead of letting them ruin your picture.

So have fun experimenting!  Why not share your pictures with us in our forum and gallery.  If you have questions then post it in the forum and we’ll try to answer them for you.  Go here to the forum and find the thread that interest you.   To post a picture you’ve taken using any of the photo tips then go here. You do need to be registered to post.

Below:  Here are some samples of how you can make good use of shade.




Below:  Notice how the sun shining thru parts of the shade affected the pictures.





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Smoke Filled Skies
Another form of diffused light is smoke.  That’s right– smoke.   The smoke can create some very interesting pictures.  The outcome of the photo will also depend greatly on the thickness of the smoke in the atmosphere.

Now I don’t know how many of you will have access to this form of lighting but I imagine that smog or pollution might be similar (although I have no experience with it).

In my corner of the world during Aug/Sept there are usually fires burning all around.  Although this year it didn’t happen till late Sept.  So the skies can be filled with a smoky haze.  Some days it is thicker than others.

The odd thing is I don’t like the smoke filled skies except for one reason.  How can that be?  Well for taking pictures it is wonderful.  But for seeing out & breathing clean air it’s terrible.  So I guess we make the best of what we have.  So using it as a diffuser is perfect for picture taking.

Smoke will cause a glow in pictures adding reds and blues.  The reds tend to appear when you are looking thru the smoke towards the light source (sun).  (Be very careful in looking directly at the sun).  The blue appears when the light source is behind you and you are looking into the smoke.

I’ve taken portraits on smoky days because it diffuses the light.  It also washes out the background depending again on the thickness of the smoke.  I’ve also used the smoke in sunset pictures because of the added color dimension.

If you live where there is smoke try taking some pictures using it as a diffused light source.









Monday Madness…

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