A friend recently asked me a good question, “How do I put picture files in Chronological order to print out on a CD for a Christmas gift?”  So I decided to focus on this question today because I’m sure there are others who might have the same kinds of questions.

This friend went on to explain that she had used a program and put it in the order she wanted but when she went to write a CD it put it back in the order she started with.

Most file browsers and listers will, by default, list files in a sorted order, usually by name. Since numbers come before the alphabet in ASCII, files with numbers at the beginning of their names tend to get listed first. So, the trick would be to put number prefixes in front of each file name to force them to be sorted into a desired order.

So let’s see; one might have a list on their disk that looks like this:

But they want it in a another order…say like this:

So how do you get it to list out the way you want it rather than what the computer does? Well I add an extension to the front of the file names to force it into the order that I want it to list out in.

So here is an example of how I would do that (notice the numbers added on the front of the file name):

Ok…so this friend had about 150 files to sort. So of course you’ll want to make it work for 3 places.

You don’t want to do this:

Why? Because remember the computer will sort it numerically first and then alphabetical. So the group up above will sort like this:

To prevent this I add zero’s for the number of places I expect to use. In this case she has 150 files. So I only need three slots. So the above example will then look like this:

To sort a large number of files like a 150 of them I would make it simplier by creating folders that I can stick the files in as I go through them to quick sort and then I’ll detail sort later. So I might create a folder like this:
001_Great Grandparents

Then I would sort those by creating a folder within with the details I want similar to the one above. Then when I have it narrowed down I would start adding my numbers to the file in the order I want them to show up with.

When this process is all done and the files sorted in the order that I put them in (by adding the number extention in front) then I would move them all into the one folder. Delete the now empty ones. Then you have your pictures now in the order you want them to show up.

I’m sure there are other methods or ways to do this and so if you know of one then feel free to share that with us.


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I get asked this question frequently.  There are so many places out there and so I may not be fair when I list various places for one to check out.  Of course I have my favorites but they may not fit others needs.  So you have to decide on quality vs price, etc.  The ones below DOES not include the order of what I prefer.  I’ve tried most of these but personally I prefer Costco’s for a variety of reasons that fits my printing needs the best.  Of course as a photographer I have my professional labs that I rely on.  For those that aren’t professional these labs would not work for you.

I have used:

Walmart’s Photo Center

Costco’s Photo Center

Walgreens Photo Center









Monday Madness…delayed

by admin on November 17, 2009

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Freebie for Thanksgiving

by admin on November 10, 2009

Here is a freebie for you to enjoy.  This FREEBIE has two items for you to enjoy.

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Broad Daylight
Ok, so you don’t have a choice and you have to take a picture in the harsh lighting– then what? There are things you can do to help ensure a better photo. Here are a few tricks that can help.

If you keep the sun behind you and face your subject then the sun will be directly in the subjects face. This will cause them to squint. Of course, this isn’t a natural look and will be unsightly in most cases.

So try turning in such a way that the sun is off to the side of both of you. Now you have to check to see how the shadow plays across the subjects face. Look carefully to see if there will be shadows or splotches across the subjects face. If not, then you should get a good picture. (See the first photo example below) If you view shadows or splotches then keep turning slightly and checking until you get the lighting to where you are satisfied.

You can also try having the sun directly behind the subject. Then get someone to hold a shield of some sort to shade the camera and lens so as not to get sun spots or glare. Depending on the subject & lighting this may cause a stark difference in the light background vs. the face of the subject. So a fill flash might be useful to even it out. Not sure then try one with, and one without.

Do you want to try an extra challenge? Try experimenting using a reflector. Ok so you don’t have any fancy camera equipment. Then try a reflective car sunscreen shield. Those can be fun to experiment with. You can have someone help hold it in such a way to direct more light into the shady areas. It can create some interesting pictures so experiment and see.

Another challenge would be to get some thin lightweight material that can let light thru. Then have someone hold it up as if shading the subject but what it will do is filter the sunlight and diffuse it so it’s not so harsh.

In the second picture sample below you will find a lovely young lady. The picture is ok but could be made better. How? Using what they call a fill flash, reflector, or diffuser could help lighten up or soften the shadowy areas.

I’ve said this before and will again. Often times the situation is such that you can’t rearrange the subject or event, so it’s best to take something than nothing at all. When we had film it wasn’t so easy to waste a picture; but with digital images, it’s easier to experiment without the cost of developing.

As with most art….rules have been broken and fantastic work comes from it. These are only guides to help you compose better pictures till you know and understand your camera, and more of what you are doing before clicking a picture. So be sure to experiment and practice!

You can view some photo samples using this tip (from a previous post) by clicking here.


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Digital Scrapbooking Day

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Sketch #0025

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Sketch #0025

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Down by the Pond

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