Last week’s photo tip talked about getting started in understanding what makes cute baby pictures.  I gave the reader a little assignment to look at as many baby photographs as possible and study what it is that draws one into the photograph.

I decided that I would do the same thing.  What I found out was interesting.  It wasn’t any particular technique that stood out except that the baby was the main focus.  There are a number of techniques one can use to help make the baby the main focus.   Over the next several weeks I’m going to try to cover some of the various techniques. Of course one can use a number of techniques in one photograph.

Today’s tip it quite simple.  It is: Keep that background simple.  Keep clutter out of the picture.  There are a number of things to help with this.  Such as moving in close, moving around till you get an angle that gets rid of the clutter, insert a portable background of some sort,  depth of field, etc.  The goal it to keep it as simple and clean as you can.  I find that my favorites colors in backgrounds are either black or white.

Below are some sample pictures:


Album Sale

by admin on April 22, 2010

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Photographing Babies

by Sonya Murphy on April 20, 2010

Have you ever noticed how people are drawn to babies of any kind? What is it that draws one to these little cuties? Could it be a natural magnet of attracting people of all ages to adore these wee ones? I’ve learned somewhere that it is a way to preserve the race. Make these wee ones so cute that they get attention and care that they need to grow up.

That’s the problem with little ones. They grow to fast! Why can’t they stay small and cute? Fact is they don’t stay little so one has to take pictures to preserve that moment in time.

I’ve been asked about how to capture cute baby pictures. How does one? So I will attempt to give some tips that can help you do just that. I’m sure many reading this may have a tip that can help so be sure and post it so all can enjoy it. Look at the photo and see what it is that makes you like the picture.

Looking at pictures that others have taken of babies is a good start. This can give one an idea of what it is that they like about baby pictures. Is it the angle, the look, closeup, the smile, the mood, candid, portraits, etc.

So this week look at as many baby pictures as you can and really study it over to see what it is that draws you into that photograph.  Of course if you have a tip you’d like to share with us here, please share it in the comment section.  Next week we’ll start going over some of the various tips.


Fresh Roses….

by admin on April 19, 2010

Oh this is a lovely new kit that one should check out.  Get it before the introductory sale ends.

“How about some fresh roses to add to your memories and layouts?  This pretty 30 piece kit will compliment your special memories.  Fresh Roses is a pretty kit ready to help you preserve your memories.  It’s great for all those special occasion, spring and outdoor photos.  The soft fresh colors of these roses will compliment just about any set of photos.”

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Easter Sale at SumScrapper

by admin on March 31, 2010

Here is Ellie’s Ad


Our society is surrounded by themes found in books, art, stores, even our scrapbook albums, etc.  If it is important in the world we live in, then it can be just as important in photography –particularly if it’s going to be used as subject material in our scrapbook pages.   These subjects (Themes) can be of families, reunions, hikes, vacations, weddings, graduation, holidays, new baby, etc.

In many cases, it is important to establish what your theme is going to be before you start taking pictures.  When you establish what the theme is, then what follows becomes much easier, because you now have a focus on what you are after.

There was a time that I wanted to take advantage of a sale going on for a photo book.  I wanted to put all the digital pages I created into this book.  It’s of all the layouts I’ve posted, featuring my kits, using my family, etc.  Of course, they were made with the featured kit in mind and not for a scrapbook.  One thing became real clear as I was putting it together –the colors, designs, layouts, etc didn’t follow any real rhyme or reason.  In other words, it didn’t have a theme to follow.

If I’d planned on the scrapbook in the first place, there would have been a plan, like similar colors, print, designs –that would be carried throughout the book so as to pull it into a theme.

This can work in photography as well, especially if those pictures are going to be part of that process of being put into say a single page layout, a double page layout, or into a whole scrapbook.  As you can see, a theme will help pull everything together.

Themes can be very general to very intricate and detailed.  In order to have it all pull together, one has to start with the theme in mind.

So this month, why don’t you select a theme for your photography experience, and see what you come up with.  In fact it would be fun to see a couple pages featuring that theme you choose, with the rest of us in the SumScrapper Gallery.

One of the themes I think would be fun to focus on is for the next couple of weeks is “spring”, or “why I love spring”.  These themes are perfect for those of us in the northern hemisphere since the winter seems to have been long, cold, and snowy for many of us.  Imagine how fun it would be to see the different sorts of things we focus on, and yet how similar they can be.  Image the assortment of pictures and layouts we would get from those two theme alone.

So focus your photography skill on some sort of theme this month (it doesn’t have to be my suggested subject), and create at least a 2-page layout showing us what you came up with.

NOTE:  If you have a photo tip that you’d like to share with us here at SumScrapper then please contact me with the information.  In fact, if you have any sort of story (funny, serious, etc) to share on how you captured a picture and what the results were we’d like to hear about it.  These write-ups need to be written up in your own words and not copied from someone else (copyright issues).


Easter is around the Corner

by admin on March 20, 2010

That’s right!  Can you believe it it’s that time of the year again?  I don’t know about you, but it means sunshine and warmer days in our part of the world.  It’s about time to have that sunshine and warmer days after the cold winter we had.  Yippie!!!

Needing a kit to make an Easter card or layout for Easter?  Well, Ellie has her “Easter Eggs” kit on sale till April 9th.  It’s a 50% off sale.  Can’t beat that price so hope on over to the shoppe and get that kit so you can get going on making that Easter card or layout.  Or purchase it while it’s on sale so you can use it for a creative layout of your Easter holiday.


It’s fun to go off on an adventure with friends and family. Everyone takes pictures and shares them around so everyone gets to enjoy them.  Well, sometimes not everyone. If you are the one who is trying to put the photos into an album then you often need to know when a photo was taken so you can get things into time order.  This can be a nightmare when everyone has the time on their camera set differently.  Just being 5 minutes out can spoil your sorting when you are relying on the  ‘date taken’  field (not to be confused with the ‘date modified’ field).  And there is always someone who still hasn’t set the time at all and their photos come in saying they were taken in 1998!

So, before you head off, get the gang together and synchronize the time on all the cameras.  At least try to get to the minute, a few seconds shouldn’t matter too much.  Then when you are all home again, get them to hand over the originals of the images they want to share and not the ones they’ve played with as this can sometimes kill off the date taken field.

Now you can get the gang’s photos of that glorious sunset, that trip through the gorges or that dare devil ride into the right order and pick the best ones to make up the final sequence for the album.

(For more tips, head over to Dusty Digital blog.)


Rosie Cheeks and Cold Noses

by admin on March 18, 2010

This winter has been a long one for many of you out there.  In fact I’m betting that you have pictures from those long winter days that needs to be scrapped.  Marcie has also been busy creating and has this new kit of her’s in the shoppe.  Just in time for all those pictures that needs to be scrapped into those wonderful memory books.

Here is the kit description:  “Off for sledding, ice skating or just plain old fun in the snow is exactly what these animals are off and doing.  So come on and play in the snow with us. Your kids will love having them on their layouts too.”

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Rosie Cheeks and Cold Noses

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What makes a good picture?  Have you ever thought about what it is that draws you to a photograph?  This week I challenge you to really ask yourself that question when you look at any picture.  If you really like it then study the reasons why.  It would be even be a good idea to jot those reasons down in a  little notebook to keep notes with.
A person can learn a great deal when they study reasons why a certain picture appealed to them.  This list will give you some things to work on or focus on when taking your own pictures.  Remember, if you looked at dozens of pictures to make your list, it might not work to try everything on that list in one shot.  Yet you might be able to try a few of them in composing one shot.

Then see what your results are.  I can assure you that this method is useful in learning to capture great pictures.  It brings your awareness up to what you’re looking for.  It worked for me.

One time, I was drawn to pictures that had certain lighting on a person.  So I started looking for it.  I would move my subject around till I noticed what I was wanting and then tried taking the picture.  It took me a number of pictures before I figured out what needed to happen to get the look I was after.  It took a while for me to work on.  Eventually it started coming more naturally without all the rearranging to get what I was after.

Your list might include lighting, backgrounds, getting closer, use of lines, rule of thirds, coloring, focus, etc.  As you can see by this list it may not be detailed enough so you might include more details.

Good luck on your adventures of improving your photography skills.  For those who enjoys my photography tips…I’d love to hear from you and welcome your stories, experiences, questions, etc.  Feel free to contact me.

Below is some samples of pictures that you can start with: