Photographing Babies Part 1

by Sonya Murphy on April 27, 2010

Last week’s photo tip talked about getting started in understanding what makes cute baby pictures.  I gave the reader a little assignment to look at as many baby photographs as possible and study what it is that draws one into the photograph.

I decided that I would do the same thing.  What I found out was interesting.  It wasn’t any particular technique that stood out except that the baby was the main focus.  There are a number of techniques one can use to help make the baby the main focus.   Over the next several weeks I’m going to try to cover some of the various techniques. Of course one can use a number of techniques in one photograph.

Today’s tip it quite simple.  It is: Keep that background simple.  Keep clutter out of the picture.  There are a number of things to help with this.  Such as moving in close, moving around till you get an angle that gets rid of the clutter, insert a portable background of some sort,  depth of field, etc.  The goal it to keep it as simple and clean as you can.  I find that my favorites colors in backgrounds are either black or white.

Below are some sample pictures:

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