Taking the gang? Then synchronize those cameras!

by Jan on March 19, 2010

It’s fun to go off on an adventure with friends and family. Everyone takes pictures and shares them around so everyone gets to enjoy them.  Well, sometimes not everyone. If you are the one who is trying to put the photos into an album then you often need to know when a photo was taken so you can get things into time order.  This can be a nightmare when everyone has the time on their camera set differently.  Just being 5 minutes out can spoil your sorting when you are relying on the  ‘date taken’  field (not to be confused with the ‘date modified’ field).  And there is always someone who still hasn’t set the time at all and their photos come in saying they were taken in 1998!

So, before you head off, get the gang together and synchronize the time on all the cameras.  At least try to get to the minute, a few seconds shouldn’t matter too much.  Then when you are all home again, get them to hand over the originals of the images they want to share and not the ones they’ve played with as this can sometimes kill off the date taken field.

Now you can get the gang’s photos of that glorious sunset, that trip through the gorges or that dare devil ride into the right order and pick the best ones to make up the final sequence for the album.

(For more tips, head over to Dusty Digital blog.)

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