Photo tip: Listing Reasons Why you Like a Photograph?

by Sonya Murphy on March 16, 2010

What makes a good picture?  Have you ever thought about what it is that draws you to a photograph?  This week I challenge you to really ask yourself that question when you look at any picture.  If you really like it then study the reasons why.  It would be even be a good idea to jot those reasons down in a  little notebook to keep notes with.
A person can learn a great deal when they study reasons why a certain picture appealed to them.  This list will give you some things to work on or focus on when taking your own pictures.  Remember, if you looked at dozens of pictures to make your list, it might not work to try everything on that list in one shot.  Yet you might be able to try a few of them in composing one shot.

Then see what your results are.  I can assure you that this method is useful in learning to capture great pictures.  It brings your awareness up to what you’re looking for.  It worked for me.

One time, I was drawn to pictures that had certain lighting on a person.  So I started looking for it.  I would move my subject around till I noticed what I was wanting and then tried taking the picture.  It took me a number of pictures before I figured out what needed to happen to get the look I was after.  It took a while for me to work on.  Eventually it started coming more naturally without all the rearranging to get what I was after.

Your list might include lighting, backgrounds, getting closer, use of lines, rule of thirds, coloring, focus, etc.  As you can see by this list it may not be detailed enough so you might include more details.

Good luck on your adventures of improving your photography skills.  For those who enjoys my photography tips…I’d love to hear from you and welcome your stories, experiences, questions, etc.  Feel free to contact me.

Below is some samples of pictures that you can start with:





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