Photo Tip: Fixing A Dark Photograph pt3

by Sonya Murphy on March 2, 2010

Sometimes a photograph might be dark because of the shadows and highlights.  For these types of pictures, using the other tips in lightening a picture just don’t work.  Yet this little trick might be just the thing to fix that picture.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is usually more than one way to work at a solution.  Then again, there may be no hope for some pictures.  So, before giving up be sure to experiment with each technique to see which one would give you the best results.  I might even, on occasion, combine several of these methods.  Of course, the best thing to do is take the picture correctly in the first place.

Just be sure to work on a copy or a duplicate.  Again, I use Photoshop CS2.

First:  Go to the top menu bar and select “Image”,  and from the drop down menu select “adjustments”.  Then, from that side menu select “Shadow/Highlight”.

Second:  A pop up window will bring up the next set of selections.  I mostly deal with the top part where it says, “Shadows”.  It automatically adjusts it to 50% on the Amount.  This is the one I am usually mostly interested in.  I find that 50% is too much and makes the photograph look odd.   I normally slide the % down in the neighborhood of 15-35%.  Each photograph may require a bit different amounts.  So play around with it until you get it looking about right.

Have fun experimenting and testing the methods I’ve talked about so far.

This is another quick way to lighten up those dark photographs.  It’s a fairly simple and easy trick to use.  Just remember that you always want to strive for the best picture you can while taking the picture.  There are a number or reasons for that.  The best reason is, it lessens your time on fixing photographs, so you can do more layouts.

NOTE:  If you have a photo tip that you’d like to share please contact me.   In fact, if you have any sort of story (funny, serious, etc) to share on how you captured a picture and what the results were, we’d like to hear about it.  These write-ups need to be written up in your own words and not copied from someone else (copyright issues).

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