Photo Tip: “Capturing Those Christmas Memories”

by Sonya Murphy on December 3, 2009

With Christmas festivities, wrapping gifts, decorating, parties, programs, etc are in full swing; I thought I’d make a note of reminders for you on what pictures to capture.

Being that we all love to scrap and make layouts, you probably have a pretty good idea of the things you want to get pictures of. In fact, if you have a great idea that I missed, be sure to mention it here in the comment section.

I know that I get so busy that I forget the small details that can make wonderful pages of memories. You know, those little things that we do traditionally each year. Of course, each of us may do something a bit different, but it’s those little parts that help make up the whole. Those little things would make fantastic pictures to scrap and remember.

It might be in decorating the tree, or making the gingerbread houses, or carefully wrapping a treasured gift, etc. Many of you are talented with crafts, and may have spent hours making a gift of love. Why not capture the series of steps (if it’s not too late) in the making of that gift, then wrapping it and taking pictures as the recipient opens it (that is if you are lucky to be present). So be sure to focus on those and capture the preparation that goes into preparing it, doing it, and of course, the cleaning up.

Another idea is to think of Christmas as a child. Imagine what our pictures would focus on. The magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes. If you have children, grandchildren, etc. then try focusing those pictures on how they see Christmas.

Those of us that have children or grandchildren will most certainly have some sort of Christmas program or concert to attend. Capture pictures of them preparing for it, then if you can capture a picture of them before they go on stage, then if permitted capture them in the act of performing. This is a great time to get a picture of their whole group, but then also get a few with them filling the frame concentrating on their part.

Many of you are involved with office parties or company parties. Be creative in capturing those pictures, don’t forget those little details that can make a fun scrapbook memory.

For many of us, we enjoy being involved in service projects for Christmas. It might be care packages being prepared for those in the military or families in need. Or maybe just caroling, visiting a nursing home, or a needy family. Be sure to be creative (and of course sensitive depending on the situation) in capturing pictures that tell the story of how it touched you by serving and giving.

Another great idea is not only capturing pictures of Christmas morning but how about preparing for it. It might be of a Dad (Santa) staying up into the wee hours assembling some toy for their child. Or how about a child carefully setting out the treat for Santa. Or of the excited child finally falling asleep.

Many times we have so many things going on around us, that details are lost. So try focusing on the details that make up the whole, be it in the activities or in the decorations. Be sure to fill the frame up on the details too.

Of course be prepared to take pictures by having fresh batteries available and ready. Keeping your camera charged and your memory cards clear. Keep the camera handy and ready. Be sure to have it on the “must take with me” list, so you can capture those memories. Be sure to pull it out and use it, rather than regret later that you didn’t take time to snap pictures. One last, but important thing, see if you can get a trusted someone capturing you involved in the Christmas festivities.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see layouts of those memories that are important to each of us? Please share them, so we can see how others celebrate their Christmas season.

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