Photo Tip: “Tips on digital Camera Lenses” pt 3

by Sonya Murphy on December 22, 2009

As I mentioned before, there is a ton of information about lenses. So this week’s photo tip is more information about lenses.

This information is also important to consider when purchasing a lens.

The speed of the lens can be a big factor when purchasing a lens. This speed of the lens is similar to the “f” stops in the aperture settings on your camera. So if you are working in low light situations then you’d want a faster “f” stop or a smaller number. The lower the number, the more light the lens transmits to the camera. If that isn’t as important then the larger “f” stop number would work. One typically pays more for the faster lenses and they also tend to be heavier.

These lenses can also come with some special features that can add to the cost and weight of the lens but can also make a difference in what you want from your lens.

One feature that a lens can have is what is called a “Vibration Reduction”. This keeps the image sharper when shooting in low light or from an object that is moving such as from the deck of a ship.

Another added benefit on these special features is the ability to add on filters. So if you plan to use filters, then make sure the lens comes equipped with a “filter thread”. Even if you don’t think you might need one, it might not hurt to get this feature so when you become more advanced you can have that option available to you. It is good practice to use a filter of some sort as a ‘lens guard’.

Another special feature it the “auto focusing” of the lens. This has a little motor that will help you focus on your subjects.

As you can see there is a lot to a lens. There are many things to consider. So make up a list of the things you are mainly wanting to take pictures of. What setting you’ll be most apt to use it in (low light, etc) and what features you’d like to have. Then research which lens is highly recommended for those items. Then base your decision on those factors. Needs vary, so what works for one may not work for you.

Good lenses will tend to cost more because they will have a higher number of glass elements within them and that will make them weigh more too. Remember too, that because you have the best in camera and lenses it still won’t make up for bad composition in taking pictures.

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