Photo Tip: “Tips on Digital Camera Lenses” pt1

by Sonya Murphy on December 8, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I gave some tips on buying a digital camera. It occurred to me, that another important thing to consider when buying a camera, is the lens. You can have one of the best cameras available, but if it doesn’t have a good quality lens, your pictures may not have the best results. Of course, that is if you are using good composition. Even having the best of all equipment isn’t going to give you exceptional results if you don’t know the tips, tricks, and guidelines to good composition.

The camera is the holder of the images one takes, but the lens is the seer for those images. The lens system makes the largest impact on image sharpness. Special features of lenses and their quality can have a big impact on the resulting image. Better quality lenses can tend to weigh more and cost more.

It’s recommended that one stick with the top name lenses like Canon, Nikon, or Pentax lenses. Another important thing to consider is, making sure the lens is compatible with your camera. It’s important to follow the recommended lenses for your camera to get the best results.

Now if one is thinking about purchasing a digital camera that has a built in lens then checking out the lens optics is an excellent idea. Get one with the higher rated optical lens.

There are lenses available that has the fixed focal length (prime) where you can’t zoom at all. They are the best for absolute ultimate in sharpness but then it’s a trade off in the other features lenses can offer. Yet some of these other lenses have come so far as to rival the fixed or prime lenses for sharpness.

The three most common types of lenses are your normal lenses, Telephoto lenses and the Wide Angle lenses. The type of lens is determined by their focal length. For instance, a zoom lens is simply a lens that can change the focal length from a wide angle to a telephoto and everything in between the two.

Next week I’ll cover some more about lenses.

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