Photo Tip: “Information About Memory Cards”

by Sonya Murphy on December 1, 2009

Last week I talked about, “What camera should I buy”. I decided that I needed to cover that subject first before moving to this one. But this one can have a big impact on that type of camera you buy, so that is why I’m covering it this week.

You know those little cards that go into digital cameras? There is a large number of different types, brands, sizes and prices, which can make a difference in the type of camera you choose to buy. Fortunately there aren’t nearly as many kinds of memory cards as there are of digital cameras.

What about these memory cards? Well some memory cards can be costly for what you can store on them (meaning gigabyte capacity). Others are limited on the gigabyte capacity you can buy. Others are easier to find and buy than other types. Many of our computers, laptops, cellphones, printers, game consoles, kiosks, etc. come with slots that can only accommodate certain types of memory cards without needing to buy an adapter to read the information off of them. This can make transferring data much easier if it’s already built into the machine you plan to load the images into.

Lets say you purchase a large megapixel camera. It will require more space per image. So then, the size of card available could make a big difference on how many images you can hold.

It might be well worth your time to check into the memory cards, besides the camera you choose. In fact it might play a big factor on the type of camera you choose to buy. Of course you’ll want to do your own research on this subject because my knowledge is limited on the subject and can be outdated.

The prices can vary from shop to shop, the amount of memory wanted, by the brand, etc. I would highly recommend staying with good rated brand. I know prices have dropped for the memory cards and the amount of storage available has gone up on some. So it’s best to check things out.

Below is some helpful information:

Compact Flash has the most gigabyte capacity available per card (8 GB maximum) and more likely to be able to have slots available in the machines we want to transfer the images, too. A lot of your DSLR camera’s tend to use these. The next memory card would be the SD cards. The maximum capacity available for the SD card (today) is 4 GB. A lot of machines will have slots available to read these cards as well.

Then there are the XD cards, which is used by a large number of Olympus and Fuji camera’s. It has only 2 GB maximum per card that I could find. Then there are the Memory Stick Pro or Memory Stick Duo used mostly by the Sony Cameras. You may have to buy adapters that can be plugged into the machine so you can read the information off of the card.

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