Photo Tip: Outdoor Lighting Tip part 1

by Sonya Murphy on October 13, 2009

Cloud Cover/Shade
Many times when I’m shooting an event outdoors I am delighted when there is cloud cover.  Why?  Well the cloud cover diffuses the harsh sunlight.  This will help to make shadows less noticeable like on faces of people, etc.  This will help create better pictures.

So be sure to practice this week.  Try taking a picture at mid-day with no clouds of someone and then again of a person at mid-day with a cloud cover.  Then compare the two photos.  See if you can see the difference.  Do you suppose that mother nature will cooperate with us?  You may have to wait a couple of days for it to cooperate to get bright sunlight vs clouds.  Then be sure to post your pictures stating which ones are which and write up a little something of what you learned to share with the rest of us.

Go here to post your pictures and information about it.  It’s free but you will need to sign up to be able to post (this keeps those spammers out).

Below are some samples pictures I used a couple years ago when I wrote on this subject before.



Notice how I had her place her head.  I placed it so that the face has no direct sun shining on it and yet letting the light highlight her hair.


This picture was captured in the shade which is similar to cloud cover.


Here you have an example of harsh lighting across her face.  This harsh lighting simply doesn’t do the photograph justice.

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